Add Json suport to Php on Godaddy VPS

Today I was updating a joomla site using the MYAPI Facebook Connect conponent to show facebook feeds on a joomla site.

When updating version 1.0 of the component to 1.4 I found that the site had turned to dust and saw nothing but a white page and empty source code.

It turned out that the latest version of the component and the facebook api require json support within php. So here is how to install it...

Login to your server using your SSH client and switch to root user. More Here.

Update to the latest compatible version of php

yum update php

On prompt type 'y' and enter

Install pear based json support

pecl install json

'y' on prompt

Restart the server for the changes to take effect

service httpd restart

If you're using joomla you can check that the service is running by going to the help menu and clicking on system info. Under php info search for json. It should show up in the additional ini section.