I make websites useable by humans, readable by search engines and help to improve page rankings.

With over 14 years experience as a developer in the search engine marketing industry, I'm well versed in website discovery and usability.

I love databases, APIs and the flexibility it gives to the distribution of content. Your content should be as accessible to machines as it is to humans.

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Rob succeeded at what others tried and failed to accomplish for our 2014 website re-development. He preserved 16 years of stories, images, comments and subscribers; migrated everything out of one CMS platform and into another; and is still solving every website challenge we throw at him.

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Extend Yoast Schema with a New Type

Yoast 11 introduced schema data added by default. If your site already has schema added through your theme then this may break. At the time of writing, the documentation only shows how to extend an existing type (Person), not add a new one. So here I am going to show how to add event data by adding a new piece to the tree.

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Remove Yoast HTML Comments in Version 11.0

If you were previously stripping Yoast HTML comments on your website then there is a good chance that updating to v11.0 will show the new schema data at the top of your website.

The problem is that a widely used snippet for stripping out the comments searched for the string ‘yoast’ and then removed the surrounding comment tags. The new schema data added in V11.0 uses the word ‘yoast’ as a class on the script tag, so the script tags get stripped and the schema data shows at the top of the website.

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Add Joomla’s Article Layout as a Body Class

Posted in Joomla

If you are using Joomla’s alternative layouts for certain pages, you might want to target those pages with a css class.

You could add a class directly into the layout file, but since the layout file is inserted into the main component area this only lets you target that specific area and not the page as a whole.

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