I make websites useable by humans, readable by search engines and help to improve page rankings.

With over 10 years experience as a developer in the search engine marketing industry, I'm well versed in website discovery and usability.

I love databases, APIs and the flexibility it gives to the distribution of content. Your content should be as accessible to machines as it is to humans.

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He has a curious mind and is a consummate troubleshooter which are key parts of the makeup for the modern web developer.
I wholeheartedly recommend Rob Went and wish him luck on his next endeavour.

Anthony Olsen joomlabamboo.com

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Using Joomla Custom Fields to Add Canonical URLs

In this article, we are going to add a new field to the article editor screen and use the content of the field to output a canonical link in the head of the page on the article view.

At some point, Joomla’s automatically added canonical links were removed as they didn’t work correctly, so this is a manual workaround to put them back. Continue reading “Using Joomla Custom Fields to Add Canonical URLs” ››

Running Symfony 4 on Windows

How to get the Symfony 4 demo app running on Windows without errors.
Fix errors related to using the ‘make’ command and get routing and cache clearing working.

Continue reading "Running Symfony 4 on Windows" ››

Mautic Installation Checklist

Usually, when I install Mautic, there is a bit of back and forth with the client to get the information required to get the job done.

This is my list of information that needs to be provided to get Mautic installed and operational in one sitting. Continue reading “Mautic Installation Checklist” ››

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