I make websites useable by humans, readable by search engines and help to improve page rankings.

With over 10 years experience as a developer in the search engine marketing industry, I'm well versed in website discovery and usability.

I love databases, APIs and the flexibility it gives to the distribution of content. Your content should be as accessible to machines as it is to humans.

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He has a curious mind and is a consummate troubleshooter which are key parts of the makeup for the modern web developer.
I wholeheartedly recommend Rob Went and wish him luck on his next endeavour.

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Tagging WordPress and Woocomerce Users in Mautic

The official WordPress plugin for Mauitc comes with a number of shortcodes, which makes it easy to add Mautic forms and content into posts and pages.

One of the shortcodes adds the ability to tag (or un-tag) visitors in Mautic depending on the pages they view. This makes it easy to tag visitors dynamically by using the shortcode within theme files.

This can be useful for many reasons. A couple that comes to mind are tagging users with the type of product that they viewed so follow up emails can be sent for similar products, or blog categories so you know which subjects each user is interested in.

The following technique can be used on any website by using the tracking pixel tag, but the following example code is specific to WordPress. Continue reading “Tagging WordPress and Woocomerce Users in Mautic” ››

Using Geocoding API’s to Add Address Information from a Zip to a CSV File

Today I was talking to a musician importing thousands (many many thousands) of contacts into a newly setup Mautic install.

The issue was that the CSV of contacts to import only contained Country Code and Zip columns, making it difficult to target people in certain areas when something is about to happen in that location.

So we set about trying to expand the location information in the file using free online geolocation API’s. Continue reading “Using Geocoding API’s to Add Address Information from a Zip to a CSV File” ››

Fixing Invalid File Type text/x-pascal When Importing Contacts to Mautic

If you get the following error when trying to import contacts into Mautic, it’s likely that the issue is not with the file encoding, but with one of the fields within the file.

Invalid file type “text/x-pascal”. Use a file that matches of of the following mime types: “text/csv”, “text/plain”.

Continue reading “Fixing Invalid File Type text/x-pascal When Importing Contacts to Mautic” ››

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