Fixing JSON Data Errors After Updating to Joomla 3.6.3

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How to fix fatal errors related to JSON decoding when updating you Joomla core version.

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How to get your Windows 10 Key

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I recently bought a new pc, and was a bit quick to install Windows, create a backup drive and remove the disk to install the larger ssd from my previous computer.

The upshot of that was that, after installing the operating system on the new drive, it wouldn’t activate Windows as I didn’t fully activate it on the first install before making the recovery drive.

In the end, I got in contact with a Windows support person who recovered the activation key from the computer hardware. Which is pretty simple when you know the commands.

To get your key:

Right click on the start menu and select “Command prompt (admin)”

Type in:

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey

You should then get your key in the console output.

Adding Custom Mime Types for WordPress Uploads

WordPress allows the upload of different filetypes to posts through custom fields, but it only understands certain file types by default.

As an example, if you wanted to allow the upload of ebook formats like epub and mobi, you need to tell WordPress how to understand those filetypes.

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Selecting WordPress Posts That Contain a String in PhpMyAdmin

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I was asked to find a list of posts in a WordPress install where the body text contained a certain string. Subsequently, I discovered how bad the search is in the post listing screen and decided it would be easier to find them in the database.

To just grab the useful information, I used the following SQL:

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Issues Assigning Nameservers to .de Domain Names

I recently ran into an issue whilst trying to change the nameservers for a German (.de) domain name. When I tried to point the domain to a whm/cpanel install I got the error ‘Failed to Modify Domain Nameservers: The domain DNS check has failed’.

The reason for this is specific to .de domains.

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How to Find the Full Joomla Version in the Site Files

Sometimes, for whatever reason, I need to find out the exact version of Joomla a site is running without being able to access the administration area.

Here’s where to find the version number in the file system.

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Standard URLS Called by Websites for DNS Prefetching

There are many articles out there on how DNS prefetching works so I will keep it brief.

It works by adding a link to the head of your web page with a relationship of ‘dns-prefetch’ and the url of a domain which holds assets needed for the page to load. That could be a cdn for the site, a social plugin or anything else.

Without prefetching, a browser will render the page top to bottom and when it gets to an asset which needs to be loaded from another domain it performs a dns lookup to find the location of the host and then downloads the assets. By adding prefetching links we are letting the browser know that these domains will be used before the assets are requested. Browsers can then loook up the hosts whilst rendering the rest of the page, cutting out this step when the assets are needed leding to a shorter download time.

This process is non-blocking and will only be performed when possible. For example, on a small page requesting an asset from another site high in the head of the document, it’s likely that the asset will be loaded before there is a chance to prefetch the dns.

The point of this article is to list domains used by common services for easy future reference.

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Magento Site Performance Optimization: Book Review

I’ll first start by saying that the title of this book can be somewhat misleading. The author (Mathieu Nayrolles) has written a previous book with the title ‘Instant Magento Performance Optimization How-to’ and from his personal website it looks like the original title for this book was to be ‘Magento Performance Optimization Volume II’ which followed on from that book.
Whilst the optimization techniques in the book are tested on a Magento installation, the same techniques could generally be used on any PHP/MySQL application.

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Last Chance for Packt Publishings $10 for Any Ebook Offer

Packt Publishing are celebrating 10 years in the IT publishing industry by offering unlimited ebooks or videos for $10 each for 10 days.

The offer started on the 26th of June which means tomorrow (July 5th) is the last day of the offer.

Some of the latest Joomla specific books include:

Joomla! 3 Beginner’s Guide Second Edition
Joomla! 3 Template Essentials (Dec 2013)
Learning Joomla! 3 Extension Development-Third Edition (July 2013)

They also have extension specific books, and a wide range of general php development books.

All books are DRM free and come in a range of formats with sample code downloads available.

Only 24 hours left so don’t miss out!

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Last Day for Buy One Get One Free Offer – Packt Ebooks

Packt Publishing are celebrating their 2000th book title with a ‘Buy One Get One Free’ offer across all eBooks on March 18th – for a limited period only.

That limited period ends today 26th March 2014 so it’s the last chance to pick up some bargains.

They have over loads books on Joomla. Many of them are based on Joomla 1.5 (Joomla Security springs to mind here) but there are also plenty of 2.5/3 books and also an upcoming book on Joomla 3.5.

If you prefer your books made out of paper then there is also a reason to take advantage of this offer. When you have purchased an ebook, you can upgrade it to a paperback through your account with a 50% discount. Effectively  25% of all paperback books.

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