Add Php MCRYPT to Godaddy VPS

A godaddy Virtual Private Server comes without Php-Mcrypt and Mhash installed. Here is how to install it.

Download and run the Putty SSH program from their site HERE. Or download the windows version directly HERE.

In the "hostname" box insert the IP address of your server and click on "open" to open a connection.

Login with your default/main username and password.

To switch to root user, type:

su -

(including the space)

Use the same default password for root user. You are now logged in as root user.

To safely install the extension we use the YUM installer.

Install Mcrypt and Mhash

yum install mcrypt*

If there is a matching extension for your system, on prompt type


and enter

yum install mhash*

and enter

Install Php-Mcrypt and Php-Mhash

yum install php-mcrypt*
yum install php-mhash*

You need to restart apache for the changes to take place.

service httpd restart

And that's it, your server is now running the extensions.