Joomla Map Module

Joomla mapping module with panaramio overlay to show images on the map

Whilst working for JoomlaBamboo, I was tasked with revamping their Google Maps module 'JBMaps'.

The API version the module was using was coming to an end soon, it was not compatible with the latest Joomla version and wasn't user-friendly (Having to add latitude and longitude values to text inputs).

The Objective

Create a new module, compatible with the latest Joomla and Google Maps API versions.

It had to be easy to use and look good.

The Process

Having used other map modules in the past, I was tired of going to websites to type in an address to convert the location into coordinates that I could input into the module/plugin settings.

What made it doubly annoying was that the websites that converted a location to coordinates were using the very same API that the modules used to show the maps in the first place.

The new version needed to use all available options in the most user-friendly way possible.

The Result

I created a module with an admin screen which included an interactive map.

You could use the map as you normally would to set the module’s settings. You could also change the settings to instantly update the map.

You could type an address into a search box to automatically centre the map on a specific location.

Clicking on the map would drop a marker, which was then editable in its own tab. Double-clicking on one would remove it from the map.

Nearly every available API option was built into the settings and updated the preview map in real-time.

It also included map design presets to change the appearance of the default map layers. You could select an option from a drop-down or enter your own json configuration (which would be validated in real-time).


The module is now maintained by Joomlart, one of the largest Joomla templating companies (they also do WordPress and Magento).

You can find the original documentation which explains most of the features here.

The blog post about releasing the module written by the owner of the company can be found here.