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Run Facebook Messenger on Windows Vista

NOTE: This post is old and not relevant anymore. I have removed the link as it no longer works!

Facebook has just released its new messenger for windows but it only runs on Windows 7.

Prior to this there was a leaked version whilst in beta phase that ran on Windows Vista.

The new version may also run on Windows Vista but I haven’t bothered to try it out by downloading on a Windows 7 computer and installing it on another, I do know however that this version runs fine and there is no difference that I see from the latest version.

So if you would like to run Facebook Messenger on Windows Vista then download it from this link.

Activate Windows God Mode on Vista and Windows 7

I stumbled upon this yesterday whilst looking for something completely different…

In windows 7 and vista you can activate a hidden ‘god mode’ which creates a desktop control panel giving you direct access to many useful features.

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