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Joomla | Rewrite Xmap URL to /sitemap.xml SEF URL

Xmap is a great automatic sitemap generator for the joomla content management system.

It produces HTML (For your users) XML (for search engines) and news (Please fill me in!)

The URL’s to these sitemaps however are not so search engine friendly.


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Joomla, Speed up Mootools Loading

Joomla slows down page loading times by loading the full uncompressed Mootools 1.1 Javascript library.

Here’s an easy way to speed it up…

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Joomla SEO, .htaccess, 301 redirects and Apache mod_rewrite

Joomla .htaccess and SEO for Dummies


The Joomla content management system provides a powerful, yet simple way for anyone to design a website. However, out of the box, a standard site is not set up with search engine optomisation (SEO) in mind. There are several simple rules that should be implimented into every Joomla Site to eliminate things such as duplicate urls and dynamically generated urls (unliked by search engines and hard for humans to remember). To standadize a www. or non www. prefix throughout the site. Also to create a better sitemap url for dynamic sitemap generators such as xmap.

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