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Intelligent Contact Forms and HTML5 Local Storage

Contact forms are supposed to make it easy for users to ask a question or just get in touch.

These days, with all the captcha and anti-spam methods attached, the chances of a form being filled in incorrectly and not being sent is highly likely. The number of people using mobile devices who might loose a connection and thus, information already entered is also rising. Hell, even clicking the wrong button and going to a different page will usually wipe all the information that has been entered into a form and make you have to re-enter it, or worse, not bother and give up.

So what can we do to make forms more user friendly? Localstrorage to the rescue!

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Mobile blogging with boomla 3 ;)

The future is here, the future is now. Boomla 3 has been sent back from the future to fitful our mobile bogging needs.

I’ve been away for the weekend so what better time to sample a piece of the future. And what better time to test android s predicted words features.


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Playing with Adobe Edge and getting the Output into a Joomla site

Last night I had my first play with the new Adobe Edge prieview (available free to download and works for just over 100 days). It creates flash style objects using only html, css and javascript.

Having never really used flash before I was unfamilliar with the layout of the program (it’s a kind of cut down flash ui) but with the help of youtube I managed to knock something out in about an hour, including the time taken to prepare some images to use.

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