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New Free AWeber Module for Joomla 1.5

Today I made a quick module for Joomla 1.5 to display a newsletter sign up box on your site. It connects with your AWeber account and signs up subscribers.

I looked around and found that a module was made for mambo but never updated. There was a plugin for $30 that also used the registration form, but all my client needed was a simple ‘name’, ’email’, ‘submit’ type box.

So I updated the module to use css rather than tables, closed a few tags and added a few options. The css is all updateable from the module parameters, rather than having to root through your site to edit files.

You can see the demo and download it for free here

And you can read more about AWebers services here

Show Local Tweets on a Joolma Site

Just put out a new google map module that plots tweets with info bubbles. Check it out here

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Long Term Weather Forecast yr.no Joomla Module

I’ve just uploaded a weather module I created using the api from yr.no.

It produces a 10 day, detailed weather forecast.

Check out the details here

And the demo here

Add Read-more Link to Roktabs Module and Limit the Introtext

I was looking for a simple latest news slider module for joomla 1.5. You would think that there are hundreds of them around but nothing really fitted what I needed and anything that did was using jquery which conflicted with the ajax search and twitter modules. Plus I don’t really want to be loading 2 full java libraries.

I always liked the effects of the roktabs slider and rockettheme extensions are normally very high quality and good looking, but it didn’t quite fit the bill.

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Get Your Joomla Website Images Indexed by Google

Google, Bing, Yahoo and all search engines are instructed not to index photos from a default installation of Joomla.With the advent of blended search results, why would you not want your images to be indexed and shown alongside your site in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPS)?

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Speed up the Joomla Search Function

This is more apparent when using an AJAX refreshless search method, but affects all joomla sites using the default search settings. Here’s how to speed it up…


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Joomla | Rewrite Xmap URL to /sitemap.xml SEF URL

Xmap is a great automatic sitemap generator for the joomla content management system.

It produces HTML (For your users) XML (for search engines) and news (Please fill me in!)

The URL’s to these sitemaps however are not so search engine friendly.


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Joomla JEA forms don’t send when you come from a search page.

I recently had an email asking how I removed the ?task=search from the url of the joomla estate agency component.

I originally removed the ?task=search query string as it prevents people from emailing the url of a property to a friend. When the url is visited by another user it will show a session has ended message and direct you to a search page, and the friend will have no idea what you were trying to send them.


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Joomla – Increase php memory without changing server settings.

Certain functions within joomla rely on a high/normal php memory limit. Certain web hosting companys have a very low php memory limit, around 8mb.

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Joomla Article Url from ID

URL to preview joomla articles

If you want to preview an atricle without adding a menu item you can use this url and add the item ID of the article on the end.


If you would like it to display the modules assigned to a menu item then you can add:


using the id number of the menu item.