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Using Joomla Custom Fields to Add Canonical URLs

In this article, we are going to add a new field to the article editor screen and use the content of the field to output a canonical link in the head of the page on the article view.

At some point, Joomla’s automatically added canonical links were removed as they didn’t work correctly, so this is a manual workaround to put them back. Continue reading “Using Joomla Custom Fields to Add Canonical URLs” ››

Fixing JSON Data Errors After Updating to Joomla 3.6.3

How to fix fatal errors related to JSON decoding when updating you Joomla core version.

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Fighting Spam on Joomla K2 Based Websites

In the days of Joomla 1.5 there were a few limitations to using core content for anything other than simple pages. Yes, plugins were available but they couldn’t handle things like nested categories, item specific galleries and videos etc etc. Many components were created to combat those limitations but the outright winner in terms of number of users and community is (by a longshot) k2.

Much of its functionality has now made it to the Joomla core (nested categories, tags, featured images) but it continues to be popular with its users (old and new). Sometimes it can be a bugger to configure, but once it’s set up you can have multiple templates with a very flexible output. For an example, take a look at Joomlabamboo’s responsive k2 template set ‘zenkit’.

Unfortunately there is one thing it lacks, and that is good spam prevention. The choices are recaptcha and stopforumspam. These days spammers get increasingly sophisticated in their methods and can get around most things quite easily. Just google ‘captcha bypass’ and look at the prices to see what I mean.

Anyway, I have seen some sites grind to a halt because of the number of spam comments submitted and today I was asked to look at one that was getting hit about once every ten minutes which when having to moderate can be pretty annoying.

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Joomla Stalling at Installation Stage | PHP Session Storage

There has been a few reports about not being able to install Joomla because it stalls at the installation and you can’t get past the first installer step.

Whilst there are many reasons why this could happen, most times I have come accross it it has been down to the server setup and Joomla not having access to the PHP sessions directory.

If it can’t save a session then you will never get past the first step. So lets configure a session direcory we can write to without having to contact our host, who will most likely blame somebody or something else whilst they scramble behind the scenes (hopefully).

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Disabling Joomla’s Auto Update by Extensions

Template overrides are great, but sometimes you have no choice but to take a component apart to get it to do what you want it to do. It’s great that all the code is open and you are able to do that too.  What’s not great is when you hand over that site to someone else and then an update notification pops up, prompting the new owner to undo all your hard work and ultimately break the site.

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YRNO2 Joomla 2.5 beta module available

I’ve just finished the basics of the next version of the popular yrno joomla module.

YRNO2 is Joomla 2.5 specific and has a load of new features including:

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Translate K2store Product Attributes with Joomfish

If you have a K2store and your site is in multiple languages, you might have found that there was no way to translate your product attributes and their options.

Now there is……..

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How I Upgraded to Joomla 1.7

Inspired by Robert Vining over at www.joomstew.com and the fact that I am building most of my new sites using Joomla 1.7, I decided it was time to finally migrate this site to the latest Joomla version.

I think the actual decision maker was when I was adding about 50 flickr gallery modules to a site using 1.7 and found the new ‘save as copy’ feature saved me about 50% of the time it would normally take to save and create new modules for each page.

So, how did it all go?

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Playing with Adobe Edge and getting the Output into a Joomla site

Last night I had my first play with the new Adobe Edge prieview (available free to download and works for just over 100 days). It creates flash style objects using only html, css and javascript.

Having never really used flash before I was unfamilliar with the layout of the program (it’s a kind of cut down flash ui) but with the help of youtube I managed to knock something out in about an hour, including the time taken to prepare some images to use.

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K2 Store Quickicons Admin Module Released

I just made a quick module based on the K2 Quickicons admin module to add the quickicons from the K2store component to the Joomla dashboard.

After just building a site for a client with K2store, I thought the only reason they would want to go to the back-end of the site regularly (It is an online rental site and the products don’t change) would be to check on the orders if they ever lost any of the emails.

For that reason, I just adapted the K2 admin module to show the K2store icons and repackaged it.

You can download the module here

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