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Fixing JSON Data Errors After Updating to Joomla 3.6.3

How to fix fatal errors related to JSON decoding when updating you Joomla core version.

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Site Sends no Mail After Updating to Joomla 3.2

Unfortunately I was on the receiving end of this bug before finding out that it existed. Apologies to anyone trying to download my extensions – I have just enabled all new user accounts.

Updating to Joomla 3.2 introduces a new option which allows you to disable email sending globally. You can find it in Global Configuration in the server tab under the mail setting options.

For this setting to work it writes a new line in the sites configuration.php file with the following:

public $mailonline = '1';

If the line is not present then it defaults to 0 which effectively disables the sites mailing ability.

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Joomla Stalling at Installation Stage | PHP Session Storage

There has been a few reports about not being able to install Joomla because it stalls at the installation and you can’t get past the first installer step.

Whilst there are many reasons why this could happen, most times I have come accross it it has been down to the server setup and Joomla not having access to the PHP sessions directory.

If it can’t save a session then you will never get past the first step. So lets configure a session direcory we can write to without having to contact our host, who will most likely blame somebody or something else whilst they scramble behind the scenes (hopefully).

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How to get Joomla’s Current Site Language

Sometimes there is a need to get the current content/site language to use in other places. An example being when you want to set social share buttons to display in the same language as the site. Luckily Joomla makes this easy for us.

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Using JLayout to Override Global Views in Joomla 3

Global layouts were introduced in Joomla 3 so that they are no longer limited to a particular view or extension.

In this example I am going to create a new view for the tags component which will output a plain comma separated list so that I can use it in a facebook opengraph tag.

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People Register to Web Site When There is no Registration Form

The launch of a new site left me really confused a couple of weeks ago.

The launch went better than expected, but a few days later people were registering on the site, which would have been great, except that there was no registration form on any of our pages.

At first I jumped to the conclusion that people were hacking their way in through a 3rd party component. After updating everything I could find to update and installing extra security measures, the solution made me feel really stupid.

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Remove Author Link From Breezingforms

I have been testing the breezingforms component for joomla.

Like most joomla form components, it comes complete with a link to the authors site. I had a quick look in the facileforms.php file located in components/com_facileforms/ and saw that it can be removed by editing line 423.


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Remove the link – Powered By ChronoForms – ChronoEngine.com

Chronoforms is a great component for making joomla forms, but it generates a link underneath each form by default with the text  ‘Powered By ChronoForms – ChronoEngine.com’

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Joomla Article Url from ID

URL to preview joomla articles

If you want to preview an atricle without adding a menu item you can use this url and add the item ID of the article on the end.


If you would like it to display the modules assigned to a menu item then you can add:


using the id number of the menu item.

Remove the ‘Powered by xmap’ Link

How to remove the xmap ‘Powered by Xmap!‘ link from your HTML site map.

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