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Joomla Estate Agency Xmap Plugin Updated

The xmap plugin for Joomla Estate Agency (JEA) has now been updated to stop duplicated properties with buying and selling menu items.

It can now be found on the JED {removed as it is 1.5 only}. Please give it a vote {try, I dare you} so it rises above the older module which produces the wrong urls!

Download avaliable here

Joomla Estate Agency Xmap Plugin Update

Joomla estate agency component has had the ability to use the title alias in the url since the last major update.

The currently available plugin for xmap still uses the old url structure which just uses the property id.

I noticed this when checking on a site made a couple of years ago which has been fully indexed with the old url structure.

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Joomla JEA Canonical Link Problem with Duplicate Property urls

Joomla Estate Agency Canonical URL Problem, solved

Before reading this please note tht some php code has been stripped out of this article. I’ve included a zip of a text file at the bottom containing all the code

update #2 – I found a way to do this automatically in the end, the info is in the zip file. I’m going to leave the post though as it is still good for adding things like youtube videos.

I was seeing some funny things with a clients real estate site and webmastertools. Originally there were nearly 2000 pages indexed and showing up well in the search engines, which later dwindled to around 200 which could honestley be the amount of static pages on the site meaning the properties weren’t being found (being ignored).

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Joomla JEA forms don’t send when you come from a search page.

I recently had an email asking how I removed the ?task=search from the url of the joomla estate agency component.

I originally removed the ?task=search query string as it prevents people from emailing the url of a property to a friend. When the url is visited by another user it will show a session has ended message and direct you to a search page, and the friend will have no idea what you were trying to send them.


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Edit Joomla Estate Agency Contact Form

Joomla Estate Agency is an excellent real estate component for joomla. After using it for several sites and spending some time in the support forum I noticed there seemed to be some confusion on how to edit the property contact forms.

So here is how to do it….

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