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Protecting Email Address Links from Website Scrapers

Spam mail is an unfortunate fact of life. The more things we sign up for, the more our addresses get sold as marketing lists. There is one area where we can try and minimise the collection of email addresses though and that is when pasting them on a website.

These days, content management systems such as Joomla automatically protect email addresses by obfuscation (or – making something harder to understand). They do this by breaking up the email address into parts and then putting it back together using javascript. This generally works on the assumption that scrapers do not have javascript enabled. Unfortunately spammers tend to be quite savvy coders and usually find a work around for most things. So how can we protect a standard website?

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Intelligent Contact Forms and HTML5 Local Storage

Contact forms are supposed to make it easy for users to ask a question or just get in touch.

These days, with all the captcha and anti-spam methods attached, the chances of a form being filled in incorrectly and not being sent is highly likely. The number of people using mobile devices who might loose a connection and thus, information already entered is also rising. Hell, even clicking the wrong button and going to a different page will usually wipe all the information that has been entered into a form and make you have to re-enter it, or worse, not bother and give up.

So what can we do to make forms more user friendly? Localstrorage to the rescue!

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