People Register to Web Site When There is no Registration Form


The launch of a new site left me really confused a couple of weeks ago.

The launch went better than expected, but a few days later people were registering on the site, which would have been great, except that there was no registration form on any of our pages.

At first I jumped to the conclusion that people were hacking their way in through a 3rd party component. After updating everything I could find to update and installing extra security measures, the solution made me feel really stupid.

I was checking the links to this site when something caught my eye. There was a url from the recent site ending in:


If you have some kind of 3rd party sef extension the url maybe something different, or:


As I never really use the frontend login I completly forgot that it is a component and unless it's switched off in your global configuration, people can sign up to your site.

Global Configuration => System => Allow new user signup........NO

I hang my head in shame and refuse to tweet this post!


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