Mobile blogging with boomla 3 ;)

The future is here, the future is now. Boomla 3 has been sent back from the future to fitful our mobile bogging needs.

I've been away for the weekend so what better time to sample a piece of the future. And what better time to test android s predicted words features.


 slightly trouble with the read more there and getting some text in after it.

And what better time to try out the sphere camera. I'm not sure how big these images come out or it I set the temple to resize HUGE images by CSS to make them fit OK but I'm sure it will be fine and if not I can fix it when I am going back to the intended homes in. So I present york cathedral in 3d 2d.

Kind of thinking that I should have finished the intended I'm age resizing features I will working on.

But what the hoh ha, check out the me, I'm sure mobile phone bloggers.

I'm from the future ;)