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Gzip Content Through .htaccess for Suported Browsers | Joomla

Compress all files through .htaccess

Here’s a few more tips to speed up your joomla website through your .htaccess file.

Borrowed from the magento standard .htaccess, which contained some nice code to compress, or not compress depending on the user agent calling for the page.

The lines look like this, and can be added to the bottom of your file:

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Leverage browser caching | Joomla Speed Tips

Enable Leverage browser caching for Joomla websites

If you use firebug with either the pagespeed or Yslow plugin, you’ll be familiar with the persistantly red, top warning of ‘Leverage browser caching’ (‘Add Expires Headers’ with Yslow)

This can be quite simple to fix by adding the following lines at the bottom of your .htaccess file.

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Update Godaddy VPS and DS to run PHP 5.2xx

In order to run the next generation of content management systems, you really need to be running an up to date version of PHP.

The next incarnation of Joomla (1.6) requires PHP 5.2+
As does Drupal 7 (as well as some current modules for the existing system)

Look at any new CMS or shopingcart PHP software and you will see it all requires a recent version of PHP to be installed on your server.

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Login to Godaddy Server as Root User

Godaddy does not give root user login information as standard, but it is easy to switch to root user in an SSH terminal.


Download and run the Putty SSH program from their site HERE. Or download the windows version directly HERE.

In the “hostname” box insert the IP address of your server and click on “open” to open a connection.

Login with your default/main username and password.

To switch to root user, type:

su -

(including the space)

Use the same default password for root user. You are now logged in as root user.

Add Json suport to Php on Godaddy VPS

Today I was updating a joomla site using the MYAPI Facebook Connect conponent to show facebook feeds on a joomla site.

When updating version 1.0 of the component to 1.4 I found that the site had turned to dust and saw nothing but a white page and empty source code.

It turned out that the latest version of the component and the facebook api require json support within php. So here is how to install it…

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Add Php MCRYPT to Godaddy VPS

A godaddy Virtual Private Server comes without Php-Mcrypt and Mhash installed. Here is how to install it.

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